Old Perverts and my Wife


My wife Michelle is really a an old man eye catcher, whenever we are out dating, almost every old pervert man noticed her. She is chubby but sexy with very fair skin and huge 38b boobies.
She also doesn’t care what to wear especially if she is in our house and the weather is hot. She always wear just an oversized t-shirt with no pants at all just panties. And most of the times what she wear over the night was also the dress she wears all day out, her thin satin night wear is her favorite. The dress was so thin as it seems to be transparent at all, it was also short that even a small bend will exposed her butt off.

one day, our neighbor had a few visitors from province. 3 old man whose appetite for sex is so intense. They are farmers and barely see people from the city. they were kind and very sweet, though I can sense that they are pervert because of the way they look at every woman in our neighborhood.
We live in an compound of houses that are connected to each other that we called apartments. Our laundry area is in front of our house, which is also the passage way of other tenants.

These 3 old guys always have their coffees in front of our neighbors house where they are visitors. My wife used to washed her underwear every other day as she doesn’t want our laundry helper wash her undies. She used to do the routine for more than five years we live in the area, but when those 3 old guys used to stay most of the time outside their house which is next our house, she seems to be uncomfortable doing some laundry in her thin almost transparent and short nighties with three old men just a meter away from her.

So I convinced my wife that those three guys were all harmless and has no malice in their minds, so they don’t care seeing her with that nighties, I told her it’s nothing to them, they are like our father. but actually, I can sense that these three are perverts, because I caught them several times looking at my wife like they are taking my wife’s clothes. But this also gave some excitement with me, so whenever they are outside the house and we are having a small chat, I always called my wife and asked her to sit by my side and join us with our small talk. My wife as always wearing only a t-shirt with no bra and no pants will be our main attraction, and the excitement in the eyes of three men was so obvious. That turns me on.

One morning, I woke up with no one on bed. My wife had already risen up and I know she will do the laundry of her undies in our bathroom since the three perverts are taking their coffees just outside the house. I immediately went to the bathroom but in my surprise, my wife was not there. So i look for her and found her outside the house, in our laundry area, just a few meters were those perverts are having their coffees, and wearing only her short, almost transparent satin nighties with no bra and just a red bikini panties to cover her hairy pussy and big butt. With my convincing power, she now didn’t bother doing laundry with those perverts almost at her side. She is now comfortable doing it even those perverts are talking to her.

So I didn’t go outside the house and hid myself in the curtain of the window where I can see my wife, the 3 old perverts and hear what they are talking about. I heard one of them, Tata, telling the other two that if he had a wife like my wife he will not leave the bedroom forever, then the other one, Berting, asked him why. Tata answered in jest, “Syempre bakit pa ako lalabas, e di babanatan ko na lang ng babanatan ang asawa ko kung ganyan ang itsura” (why do i need to get out, I will just have sex all day if my wife looks like her). Then the three had a loud laughter, with my wife just smiled.

Then, another guy, Ruben, asked my wife, “Ang puti mo naman iha, swerte ng asawa mo sayo alam mo ba yun, yung ganyang kaputi at kakinis na babae siguradong mabango rin ang puday” (you got a fair skin, you husband is so lucky did you know that, a girl with that fair and flawless skin has a very pleasant smelling pussy)

Then Tata commented again, “alam mo matanda na ako pero ng nakita kita na ganyan ang suot mo, nagulat ako kasi tinitigasan pa pala ako, halos lumuwa na kasi yang malaki mong kargada sa didbdib” (You know I am old but when I saw you wearing that, I was surprised that I can still have a hard on, your big baggage in your chest seems to jump over your dress.)

Hearing those nasty comments makes me want to confront those old perverts, but something is holding me back and I feel I want to hear more. I am getting excited when they treat my wife like a slut.

What pissed my wife is the comment of Berting. Berting said “Alam mo ba na pag nakikita kita parang gusto kong sipsipin yang utong mo at dilaan ang puke mo. Pakantot ka sakin at makikita mo hinahanap mo! Gusto ko tsupain mo ako!” (you know when I see you, it seems that I want to suck your nipples and lick your pussy. Have sex with me so you will see what you are looking for! I want you to blow job me!) My wife walked out hearing that without finishing her laundry and went straight inside our house sobbing.

I pretended not to hear anything and pretended innocent of what is happening so I ask her “why baby? what’s wrong?” She said “nothing! it’s nothing”. So I beg her to tell me and let me know what she felt with the nasty comments. “What’s wrong baby? did anybody hurt you?”, she replied angrily, “Those old maniacs that you said are harmless and like a father to us is so… so….” and she fall into tears. I put her head on my shoulder and caress her hair and ask again, “what did they do? did they touch you?”, she said “no, but their language is like piercing inside me, they talk dirty to me”. “ok, I will talk to them right away” I assure her. But she said “no, forget about that, I was only shocked by the way they talked considering their age”. “ok” I said “we will let this pass and forget about it ok, just pretend nothing happened or maybe you can just ride with their jokes and just go along what they want to talked about” with that in my mind, I imagine those three perverts enjoying my wife’s body like a maniacs. It was my desire to other men touching or even having sex with my wife, and old people are not yet listed in our experience.

While calming down my wife, I’ve noticed that the three oldies are peeking at our window and looking at us. That makes me excited anew. so I kissed my wife while telling her “it’s alright baby, I am here for you, those guys will only fantasized about you, they just want you because you are pretty and very attractive..” While kissing my wife, I intentionally positioned her fronting the window so our old peeping tom can have a great view of my wife.
While kissing her lips, i felt that my wife was into it, her eyes is closed and her tongue was moving like a snake, she is aroused! I cup her breast with both hands and started mashing and groping her tits, pinching her nipples through the thin layer of her nighties, at that time she is moaning softly. I pulled down the string from her shoulder down her arms exposing her huge massive breast! I can see that our perverts are looking attentively as my wife’s breast were totally exposed in front of them, they are just only a few meters form where we are and the lights are on giving the old perverts a great view of my wife’s tits and pink nipples.

I teased the perverts and return my wife’s nighties to cover her tits, but now I am touching her pussy, my wife’s eye is still shut giving the opportunity to exposed her more. But i want this old perverts ask for more so I turn my wife where they can not see her front, but have a great view of her back. Then I stood up and position my cock in my wife’s face. I can see the eyes of the perverts are now so wide without blinking and doesn’t want to miss any second of what was happening. My wife put my cock inside her mouth an started sucking it.
It was so amazing that I am being sucked by my lovely wife while those three perverts envy me.

I took off my wife’s bikini panty giving no chance for those perverts to see any part of my wife’s pussy by covering it with my body. I can the disappointment in the eyes of our unwelcome peeping toms. I started slipping my cock into my wife’s wet pussy from her back making a doggie position while my wife is kneeling on the floor. I fuck my wife so hard that those perverts will surely beg to death! After a few more pumping, I deposited all my loads inside my wife, then i immediately covers her and ask her to straight up to our bedroom. When my wife was upstairs, I prefer a concoction that will surely make my wife slutty, horny, whore like and cock hungry woman. Pineapple juice with a lot of gin! That drink will surely drive her crazy! She would not know it because she really can’t identify the taste or smell of the gin. I deliver the juice to her and told her to cool down with a refreshment, and she dink it all down, straight bottoms up!

I went downstairs and a very nasty idea is brewing in my mind. I called out the three perverts and told them to join us with our sensual ritual upstairs. they excitedly accepted my invitation, so we went up the stairs as quite as possible. When we reach the door of our room, I can hear my wife snoring so loud. She was passed out! She was lying on the bed half almost naked and with her legs spread, her pussy was open to public viewing! It looks like an open mouth, with a small amount of my cum still flowing, ready to swallow anything on its path. The three perverts jaw drops! they can’t believe what they are seeing, in front of them is my wife’s hairy pussy legs open wide and with only a thin sheet of nighties covering her huge tits!

“Putang ina ang sarap talaga ng asawa mo!” (Son of a bitch your wife is so yummy!) shouted Berting while touching his cock and starting to jerk it off. “Ilang taon na akong walang nakikitang babae tapos ngayon pang jackpot na katawan pa ng asawa ko ang nakahain sakin!” (it’s been so many years since I saw a woman and now it’s a jackpot body of your wife is in front of me!) said Tata.
The three perverts started to unzipped their pants and immediately took it off. They are touching their cocks while staring at my wife’s body while I am sitting on the corner watching them.

Ruben started smelling my wife’s pussy while stroking his cock while Tata removing my wife’s nighties and exposing her huge breast to their naked eyes. Berting started to lick my wife’s foot while stroking his cock. Then I saw Ruben’s tongue is now touching my wife’s clit and he started to lick her vagina while still stroking his cock. Tata now squeezing my wife’s boobs with is two hand and pinching the pink nipples with his thumb and pointer finger. Berting now positioned himself in front of my wife’ face and having his cock touches my wife’s red lips. My wife started to move a little and that brings those pervert step back a few meters. I told them “Don’t worry, even if she woke up, she will be so horny and slutty for you guys to enjoy”. So the three continue with what they are doing, i can see precum on their cocks. Now Tata and Berting started to suck my wife’s nipples, Berting on the left and Tata on the right while Ruben is eating my wife’s pussy hard! My wife begins to move, she moves in a manner that she is enjoying what is happening.

At that moment, we heard a moan from my wife, and she opened her eyes. But three were surprised when my wife grab Tata and Berting’s cocks and stroke it hard. Ruben now inserted his dick in my wife’s pussy and it slid easily from the wetness of my wife. A few more pumping of Ruben and Tata and Berting sucking my wife’s nipples while my wife stroke them they all cum at the same time dumping their cum in my wife’s face! They are all satisfied by my wife, they can not believe that their fantasy will come true.

The next morning the three perverts came to our house and talked to us, my wife said it is alright since we all enjoy a morning of lust! My wife joke on them “ang bastos kasi ng mga sisnasabi nyo sakin e, ayan tuloy nalibugan ako sa inyo!”

A few more days have passed and the three old men returns to their province keeping with them a memory they will always remember!