Hangarin at Katuparan sa Nakaraan

ni phil_gabriel73

Uncle Sandy’s family had their house blessed in Las Pinas. So my wife Gina was very eager to see her uncle and her folks since she hasn’t had any communication with them since leaving from the province. Being an introvert, I tried to find an excuse not to join her there but our driver was not feeling that day so I had no choice but to go with her.

Almost all of the extended family attended the affair so it also became a mini-reunion of sorts for my wife. Being respectful, I greeted my wife’s folks but later on I felt being left out among the host of kin — I was bored and dragged most of the day since most of the attendees were in their 50s, 60s and beyond while the younger ones were in toddlers or pre-teens. If there were people who were at my age-level, they were either not interested in socializing or were waiters and caterers. I just resigned myself that this would be a very long day.

“Aero…ikaw ba iyan? Ang laking mama mo na ah!”

“T-Tita Vix! Kumusta na po?” I said stammeringly as I kiss her on the cheek.
Tita Vix is my mom’s third cousin who worked for us for a while as mom helps her find a job suitable for her since she just graduated from college then.

“Heto mabuti naman…ang tagal nating hindi nagkikita ah. Ilang taon na ba? Twenty years?”
Tita Vix was my first real crush. She was 20 then, I was 10. What’s amusing here is that it seems my childhood crush on her was somehow rekindled. Why not? She still looks hot at her 40s. Looking at her intently during my childhood years, i could say that she has looks akin t

“Opo tita. I work as a computer programmer in a company in Manila…”

“That’s nice…the world is small after all, no? Paano kasi, kapitbahay ko si Mr. Banato — si Mang Sandy, at diyan lang kami nakatira…” she pointed to a nice, two –story house adjacent to Uncle Sandy’s house. A few moments later I introduced tita Vix to my wife and vice-versa. Soon everybody went to meet other people while Tita Vix went outside the house.

“Punta tayo sa bahay ko? Hindi maingay doon…” pabirong sabi ni tita.

“Sige po, tutal Gina’s enjoying talking with her folks, baka pwedeng silipin ko ang bahay mo tita…”

I went to Gina who’s having a chat with one of her relatives in the kitchen and told her I’ll be with Tita Vix at her home to catch up. She gave me a tour of her house until we reached the topmost floor with a veranda and sat on a sofa overlooking the houses in the subdivision below.

“Nice view…nasaan pala mister mo tita?”

“Ah…nasa abroad siya ngayon to attend a business conference…”

“You’re a very lucky woman tita…alagang alaga ka ng mister mo ngayon.”

“Ganoon ba? Ewan ko iho…” sagot ni Vix sabay buhos ng alak sa baso ko.
We were having a good time I didn’t realize how many glasses I have taken. All I knew was that I began to feel assertive and lightheaded at the same time.

“Ang pinsan mo…si Arjan. Anong balita mo sa kanya?”

“Si Tito Arjan? Driver siya ngayon ng delivery truck sa Pasay. Uy naaalala pa niya siTito Jan…bakit name-miss mo na siya?”

“Anong ibig mong sabihin?”

“Oh c’mon tita. Don’t pretend na walang nangyayari sa inyong dalawa…”

“Ows? Paano mo nalaman iyon?”

It happened by accident. My childhood neighbor were playing sipa when the toy hit near the comfort room. My playmate left as he was called by his mom so I picked up the toy but I heard a faint moan coming from the washroom followed by a slow cascade of water.

“S-sige…ipasok mo…na…”

I was surprised to hear tita Vix talking to someone like that so I tried to climb using the ledges on the wall. Although the window is closed it had a gape that can be used to peek. I did peek at it, and I was surprised to see Tita Vix, standing and inclined against the wall wet and naked under the shower while tito Arjan stood in front of her, both staring at each other as Kuya Jan vigourously pumps his hard cock. He was holding her cheek butt to make sure his cock is deeply buried inside her sopping cunt.

“Ang sarap mo tita…ang init ng puki mo…ang sikip pero madulas…mainit pang kadyutin…” ani Kuya Arjan.

“Sige ituloy mo lang…malapit na akong labasan…ang sarap mong kumantot Jan…”

Kuya Arjan began kissing Tita Vix’s lips while flicking their tongues at each other until I saw Tita Vix’s legs began to buckle and hr body quiver.

“Ayan na ako Jan…bilisan mo naaaa…aghhh…”

Tita Vix embraced Kuya Jan’s body excitedly as her body quivered from an explosive orgasm.
When Jan released himself from Tita Vix’s hold, I could see her pussy dripping from both their cums as they continued washing in the shower. At that point I silently left them but not before I jacked myself and released some cum first. Since then I try to peep at them whenever mom’s not around. I saw how my tito enjoyed fucking Tita Vix silly until she informed us one day she will leave the house to work in a company.

“So alam mo pala yun…at hindi mo ako sinumbong sa mom mo? Bakit hindi mo ako sinumbong?”

“Malakas ang crush ko sa iyo tita. Umaasa ako noon na pag naghiwalay kayo ni tito. Gusto kita noon, hanggang ngayon tita…”

Lumapit sa akin si tita. “Kung ganoon, gawin mo sa akin kung ano ang gusto mo……” sagot ni tita Vix. She embraced me and kissed me torridly on the lips At that point all I want to do is to fulfill my sexual fantasy with my aunt.

“Ang laki ng titi mo Aerol, lalaking-lalaki ka nga…” said tita as she slowly rubs my cock at the same time fingering herself to short orgasms.

When she is sure my cock is now well-lubricated, she sat on the sofa, and spread her legs wide.

“Bilisan mo Aero…baka hanapin ka na ng misis mo…”

Still wearing our clothes, I pulled her panties to one side. I didn’t waste any second kneeling in front of her and slowly sheathing my 7-inch cock inside her. She gave a short gasp when I fully penetrated her there.

“Fuck…a-ang sarap mo Aero ahhhh…”

I began moving my hips as my glistening cock slips in and out of her soaking wet pussy. I could see white cream flowing between her legs as I held her legs upwards. Though we were in the top, we try to muffle our moans. Tita Vix covered her mouth while I began licking around her plump tits and sucking on her pink, swollen nipples.

“Fuck…fuck…hayan na ako baby…”

“Tita lalabasan na ako…”

“Sige iputok mo sa loob…gusto ko ang mainit mong tamod…”

I made sure I buried my cock inside her deeply as we embraced each other, sweat dripping on our foreheads. A few minutes later we hurriedly dressed ourselves when I heard Gina calling below.

“Bakit ang tagal mong sumagot?” Gina was visibly irritated as I opened the gate.

“Sorry…napasarap ang usapan namin ni tita eh. Gusto mong sumama sa itaas? Wait ka ni tita. Paalam na rin tayo sa kanya bago tayo umuwi…”

Since then I visit tita every now and then. When she feels “neglected” because her hubby’s away, I make sure that she’s taken care of. This continued for almost a year until one day when my wife and I visited her during the holidays, she announced she was already two months pregnant which made her husband very proud. They plan to go to the US and have the baby to be born there since her husband’s company has a good health plan. There’s no definite date yet when they will return, but at that moment I was very happy for my tita as she secretly winked and raised her glass of champagne at me.



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